Diabetes: causes, managment and treatment.


Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder in which there is deficiency of insulin prdouction in your body.

Insulin is a harmone produced by the beta cells of pancreas.

When there is a deficiency of insulin, it will lead to imbalance in the glucose metabolism and lead to the hyperglycemia.

Insulin act on the cell and opens the channels to take the glucose which is present in blood and break downs the glucose into the energy called the glycosis.

In the diabetic mellitus patients they are having low production or having enough prdouction of insulin but it is not having action because of low glucose receptors.

Causes:Idiopathic, Genetic, environmental factors.

Symptoms:Increased hungry Increased urine, increased thrist, weight loss, fatigue, blurred vision

Management :

To manage the diabetes client following points must kept in mind:

DIET: Diabetic client’s diet should take into account weight, medication, activity level and other health problems. Amount of food intake helps to control the blood glucose level. Simpler approach is to count the carbohydrate per meal. Eg :Brown rice, oatmeal,Boiled egg, fresh veggies, fresh fruits, surgar free jam.

Exercise : Exercise lower the blood glucose level. Encourage the client to reduce the weight. Adjust the dietry will the exercise. There is chances that client go into hypoglycemia, you take carry hard candy (simple sugar) to prevent the hypoglycemia. If the blood glucose is greater than 250mg/dl and ketone bodies present in urine, do not exercise untill the things get normal.

Oral medication: such as metformin. These medication are used in type 2 diabetes.eg metformin, sulfnylureas.

Insulin: It is used in type 1 diabetes or may be used in type 2 diabetes incase when diet, weight control, oral medication fail to control.

Self monitoring Glucose level.

Urine testing: Test the urine for the presence of ketone bodies..

Conclusion: Diabetic mellitus is common problem found in western type lifestyle peoples. Two types, types1&2. Manage of this disease is the only way, because there is not any permanent solution.